Julia Giertz is a sound artist and music producer, living and working between Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen. Her works are informed by an extensive research into movement, resonance and embodiment.

Giertz has a background in choreography as well as engineering, and her artistic practice emerges from this physical ground. Today she works with the movement of sound in relation to bodies, structures and electronics. She often works with immersive audio and multichannel speaker arrays.

She has presented works at Norberg, the Venice Biennale, Intonal, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Audiorama, MDT, K3 Hamburg and Norrlandsoperan amongst others.

She teaches sound engineering and composition at the Malmö Arts Academy and Popkollo.

julia.giertz (at) gmail.com

Photo credit: José Figueroa

Julia Giertz