On October 12 Giertz will play a live set at TEKLA 2019 together with HAJ300. Curated by Robyn. Between October 23-25 she will participate on a panel at the conference Post-Dance-ing at MDT.  On November 12th she is part of a concert at EMS in 45.4 at KMH in Stockholm, for the festival Between 2019

She is currently advicing in the development of the surround studio at The Royal Institue of Arts (Mejan) in Stockholm together with artist and guest professor Tarek Atoui and Thom Johansen from Notam in Oslo.
Giertz is a guest lecutrer in ambisonics and immersive audio at EMS in Stockholm and she is currently developing a new course for EMS together with Kajsa Lindgren and Lisa Stenberg.

On March 5th Julia Giertz and chorepgraher Marie Topp will premiere their new piece Oceanic at Atalante in Gothenbrug. Followed by a tour to Danstationen i Malmö. Dansehallerne and MDT.
On J
une 9th Marie Topp will pemiere her new piece Hail to the Good Listener at Operaen in Copenhagen with music by Giertz. This piece is commisioned by Danish Dance Theatre.