Giertz has a background in choreography as well as engineering. Today she works with three dimentionalty of sound in relation to bodies, structures and electronics.

The core of her work is immersive audio which is often manifested in multichannel sound compositions. Since the relationship between the body of the listener and the sound in the space is such a vital part of her method, some of the stereo versions on this website will just give an idea of the music and can not be compared with the embodied experience taking place in a physcial composition. 

She has presented works at the Venice Biennale, Unsound, Intonal, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Audiorama, MDT, K3 Hamburg, Norrlandsoperan and Norberg amongst others.

She gives lectures in immersive audio, synthesis and composition at the Malmö Arts Academy and Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm. As an audio engineer she has been supervising the development of the multichannel studio at the Royal Arts Academy in Stockholm.

Giertz is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo credit: Julia Rakel

About the collaboration between Julia Giertz and Marie Topp
Giertz has a longterm close collaboration with choreographer Marie Topp (DK). They met at The National School of Performing Arts in Denmark (2005). Since then they have maintained a close artistic dialogue. During the last ten years they have been continuously involved in each other’s artistic projects as colleagues and collaborators, often in collaboration with lighting designer Mårten K Axelsson and dramaturge Igor Dobričić.

The performances can be experienced as time-pockets; immaterial spaces to be lost in; spaces of force, emotion and imagination that allows for the complexity of the senses to unfold. The body and the imagination are placed as central to the experience and the production of knowledge. The works are characterized by the coexistence of their practices and a shared interest in the craft of composition. Oceanic (2020) was the first piece that Topp and Giertz co-sign.