Sound sculptres created in collaboration between Cara Tolmie and Julia Giertz

Concept and music: Cara Tolmie and Julia Giertz
Metal work: Cara Tolmie and Danae Valenza

MINT Gallery, Stockholm 13.5 – 26.8 2023
Caras voice

Cascade Bend Chamber is a major new commision at Mint, led by artist and musician Cara Tolmie. It takes shape through installation, music and performance and is made in dialogue with various collaborators including, amongst others, Julia Giertz, Susanna Jablonski and live performances with Stine Janvin and Em Silén.

Lsi (Cara Tolmie & Julia Giertz 2023) 

Metal resonators by Cara Tolmie and Julia Giertz (2023) installed together with listening panels from velvet by Cara Tolmie and Susanna Jablonski (2021)

MINT Gallery, Stockholm 13.5 – 26.8 2023