Choreography and Dance by Marie Topp
Sound and instruments by Julia Giertz
Lightdesign by Mårten K. Axelsson
Photo by Sigrid Nygaard

A traditional swedish voice tecnique called “kulning”

Premiering at Atalante March 2020


Forthcoming collaboration Oceanic is a solo performance and sound work by choreographer and performer Marie Topp and sound artist Julia Giertz.

Oceanic is a study of listening and of hierarchies within sound. It is a landscape of singing bodies - a woman moving and speaking slowly, surrounded by singing sculptures and soft mechanical structures rendering high pitched sounds.

The intention is to create a soft and open reflective scape that brings attention to the way we listen to high pitched voices. In inviting the audience to stay with these bright frequencies, the work seeks to encounter those parts of our common body where we continue to perpetuate inherited prejudices against these ‘shrill’ voices.

In 2016 Topp and Giertz initiated a series of works, The Haptic Series, that critically reflect on how cultural and political structures are embedded in the senses. Oceanic is the second work in this series following Liaisons (Topp, 2018) that premiered at MDT, Stockholm in 2018.

Created in co-production with Slingan

Shows in 2020;
5-6 mars Atalante (GBG), premiere
mars Danstationen (Malmö)
april MDT (Sthlm),
tbc Dansehallerne (KBH)


Julia Giertz