Choreography and dance: Marie Topp
Sound: Julia Giertz
Lighting design: Mårten K. Axelsson
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić
Producer: Betina Rex
Tour technician: Uli Ruchlinski
Technical adviser: Daniel Araya and Felix Ahlberg Eriksson
Photo: Sigrid Nygaard

Special thanks to: Sergey Filatov, Léo Maurel, Cara Tolmie, William Rickman, Caroline Giertz, Camilla Baratt Due, Jonas Jarvoll

Tuning pegs

Oceanic is a solo performance and choreographic sound work by choreographer Marie Topp and composer Julia Giertz, premiering at Atalante March 5th 2020

About Oceanic 
It is a landscape of singing bodies, sustained sound and soft structures. It is a stream moving through humans, materials and environments. It is words being shaped by forces. It is a reflection on listening and hierarchies within sound.

To listen is not only an auditory process; it sharpens and shapes our attention, a subjective translation of information. Listening is a continuum of relationships.

Oceanic is part of a body of work dealing with how political and cultural structures are embedded in senses.

About the collaboration between Marie Topp and Julia Giertz
Marie Topp (DK) and Julia Giertz (SE) met at The National School of Performing Arts in Denmark (2005) – since then they have maintained a close artistic dialogue. During the last ten years they have been continuously involved in each other’s artistic projects as colleagues and collaborators. Often in collaboration with lighting designer Mårten K Axelsson and dramaturge Igor Dobričić.

The performances can be experienced as time-pockets; immaterial spaces to be lost in; spaces of force, emotion and imagination that allows for the complexity of the senses to unfold. The body and the imagination are placed as central to the experience and the production of knowledge. The works are characterized by the coexistence of their practices and a shared interest in the craft of composition.

Oceanic is the first piece that Topp and Giertz co-sign.

Created in co-production with Slingan

Shows in 2020;
5-6 mars Atalante (GBG), premiere
mars Danstationen (Malmö)
april MDT (Sthlm),
tbc Dansehallerne (KBH)