We have chosen to forget what we think we know about the theatre, dance, collaboration, music, technology, community, storytelling, publicness, situation, event, intimacy, body, presence.

We left those preconceived notions behind in order to search for their renewal.

So, as it is often the case inside the maze, we keep moving backward in order to move forward in more than one sense:

We are retreating toward death so that we can
discover how to live.

We are joining together so that we can again
understand theatre.

We are engaging a resting subject so that we can recover a resonating object.

We are reclaiming the sculptural volume of the body in order to make it dance.

We are discovering the origin of music in sound in order to listen deeply.

We are inviting you to be invited by you.

We are seeing you in order to be seen.

Because what was before will come back again,
as new.

Or at least - that is our hope.

Music and electronics: Julia Giertz
Choreography and perfomer: Marie Topp
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić
Programming PD/Bela:John Chantler
Programming Arduino: William Rickman
String instruments: Julia Giertz and Felix Ahlberg Ericsson
Metal resonators: Samuel Norup
Production: Carlos at Visible Effects

Final photo/film by Erik/Studio Kupol and John Chantler

Special thanks to: Cara Tolmie, William Rickman, Sergey Filatov, Tarek Atoui, Camilla Barratt Due, Elof Hällström, Sebastian Dahlqvist & everyone at MARC and Hägerstens Medborgarhus

Masurwood / vril
DMX/PWM converters
Plastic belts
Tuning pegs
Korg MS20

Watch a trailer of Maze on YouTube

Photos in order of apperance: Marcus Jablonski & Santiago Mostyn, Erik Sandberg, Julia Giertz

Maze is the second work in a series consisting of three reflections on time and existence. Staged in different formats, spaces, and temporalities, the
series will process the relationship between the inner and outer worlds and reflect on what existence is in a world of decay.

About the artists
Marie Topp and Julia Giertz have been collaborating for ten years and have created a number of works. Their artistic practices meet at the intersection between choreography and sound art. Together with lighting designer Mårten K Axelsson and dramaturgist Igor Dobričić, they have formed a distinctive expression through intentionally crafted minimalism that holds space for the movement of time.

Their works have been shown at MDT (Stockholm), Dansehallerne, Inkonst Malmö Takkelloftet/Operaen (KBH), and Kampnagel (Hamburg) amongst others.

Maze shows:
October 15 Marc in Knislinge
16 - 17 Mars Hägerstensåsensmedborgarhus, Stockholm
20-25 Maj Sydhavnsteater, Copenhagen
27-29 September, Kunsthal 44Møen, Møen
3-6 April, Tredje Våningen, Göteborg

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