Music by Julia Giertz
Artistic advice by Marie Topp

Gong, gamalan, bass and guitar
17 speakers
4 subwoofers

Sound as Touch is a 40 min audio piece for a surround system that on the one hand is touching upon the sensorial, the sensitive and the sensual and on the other hand uses energetic dissonances, heavy distortion and deep bass in a way that charges the whole body with full sonic immersion.

This text reflects on the experience of the piece (in Swedish)

This work was supported by Danish Arts Council, MDT and Audiorama. 

December 2016: Premiere at Audiorama, Stockholm

Photo: Audiorama

July 2017: Installed at Norberg festival in collaboration with Audiorama.
The piece was installed with “Most Ghosts Hold Grudges” by Susanna Jablonski

Photo: Vlad Bratenau

April 2018: Intonal, Malmö