The GROUND by Tarek Atoui                                                                 ︎TarekAtoui
at the 58th Venice Biennale

Installation by Tarek Atoui
Concert Ground Sessions (30’ approx.) with the performers/musicians: Vivian Wang, Shane Aspegren, Alan Affichard, Igor Porte and Julia Giertz

9th May (6-7pm) : Gardens of the Arsenale

10th May (5:30 - 7pm): Giardini Projects/ IASPIS

11th May (4:30-5pm) : Gardens of the Arsenale

All material and instruments used in the concert come from the installation The GROUND

Picture Courtesy: Susanna Jablonski

 Picture Courtesy: CCA NTU Singapore

Here is an interview with Tarek Atoui and Julia Giertz on Sveriges Radio P1 Kulturnytt 

Julia Giertz