The GROUND by Tarek Atoui                                                                 ︎TarekAtoui
at the 58th Venice Biennale

Installation by Tarek Atoui
Concert Ground Sessions (30’ approx.) with the performers/musicians: Vivian Wang, Shane Aspegren, Alan Affichard, Igor Porte and Julia Giertz

9th May (6-7pm) : Gardens of the Arsenale

10th May (5:30 - 7pm): Giardini Projects/ IASPIS

11th May (4:30-5pm) : Gardens of the Arsenale

Here is an interview with Tarek Atoui and Julia Giertz on Sveriges Radio P1 Kulturnytt

All material and instruments used in the concert come from the installation The GROUND

Photo: Susanna Jablonski

Photo: José Figueroa

Picture Courtesy: Venice Biennale 2019

 Picture Courtesy: CCA NTU Singapore