CYLAND new album 2020

Junko & Sulan are Julia Giertz & William Rickman 

Korg MS-20 bytebeat modulated with Eurorack

Bytebeat Bonfire is one of the selected works for CYLANDS new album.

“We are eternally gratefully to the all sound artists who responded to our request to share the sound of their quarantine, their response to the pandemic, and simply the way that musicians are passing the time in these somewhat unusual conditions.

We examined 50 works in more detail, from which we painstakingly selected 80 minutes of material. We were very pleased to see that the participants used a wide spectrum of sound and took diverse approaches. We have completed work on compiling an album in two parts, the first part featuring 17 works by different authors, and the second containing a full sound statement, and we are ready to announce the winners!» — Sergey Komarov, curator”