2018-2019 Julia Giertz had an internship with Daniel Araya at EMS as part of the program Composing/Public/Space run by Tarek Atoui through the Royal Arts Academy in Stocholm.

Exhibition and listening session at Plattform, Stockholm.

January 22nd
Julia Giertz will be presenting her current research project at KKH in Stockholm, as part of the “Research Week”.

November Presentation of C/P/S at CIMAM at Moderna Museet in Stockholm with Tarek Atoui, Alan Affichard, Julia Giertz, Ami Kohara, Johanna Martensson, Rossana Mercado, Igor Porte and Jeremiah Runnels.

Soldering iron
Various PCBs
Electronic Components
Befaco Out MK4
Landscape AllFlesh
Roland SH-09
Korg Monotrone
Korg Prophecy
Juno 6