Music by Julia Giertz
Artistic advice by Marie Topp

Various synthesizers such as Buchla (EMS)
Ambisonic tools

Shrill is part of an ongoing research on high pitched voices and artificial voices. This research is conducted by Marie Topp and Julia Giertz.

June 2018. Shrill was created at EMS as well as at a recidency at Notam (Oslo).

Ambisonics, 24 speakers

November 2018. Presented at Sound of Stockholm, in collaboration with Konstmusiksystrar & Stoscha

Works by Kajsa Lindgren, Julia Giertz, Aina Myrstener, Anna K Berglund and Charlotte Lundqvist

Stereo, 2 speakers

November 2018. Presented at Danseatelier DRAMA (Copenhagen) 

Binaural, for headphones

September 2018. Presented at Italienska Palatset (Växjö)

Binaural, for headphones

Julia Giertz