Four channel soundwork and singing sculpture. 13 min.

Concept and music: Cara Tolmie and Julia Giertz

Curator: Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris
Metal work: Samuel Norup

Premanetly installed at Gnesta Art Lab (SE)

Drawing on their shared interest in sound and its relationship to the body, artists Cara Tolmie and Julia Giertz collaborated to make a suspended, sonic sculpture entitled Llac. The curved metal sculpture hangs within the pond, emitting irregular calls, tones and taps towards the multi-layered vocals playing through the speakers overhead. All of the sounds used in this piece are vocal recordings made onsite at Art Lab Gnesta by Cara during a residency in March 2022. These include her mirroring the uncanny sounds of the melting lake with her voice, exploring haunting reverberations in the brewery hall and conducting a cyclical vocal practice she calls Internal Singing.
Llac is a permanent sonic sculpture that reverberates, sings and contracts, using the sonic as a way to reverberate and call between multiple watery beings.

Commissioned by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris and Artlab Gnesta as part of 'High Tide, Fine Line'

Full mixdown of the sound in the space

Permanent installation at Gnesta Art Lab
opening September 17th 2022